CP Exam Update

I know, I know, inquiring minds must know. How was the CP Exam experience? Well, it wasn’t. What?! Yep, that is correct – I have not taken the exam. Unfortunately, there was an issue receiving my transcripts so my application was delayed. Because of that all the exam times/dates for May are unavailable.

Never fear! I fully intend to continue and take the exam in September. While it would have been nice to get it over and done with – considering that I crammed for the past two months – it is nice to have a few more months to prepare and study.

Although I won’t be reaching the goals of testing in May and then moving on toward the Advanced Certified Paralegal exams for Family Law by the fall, I am still optimistic. I will test this year and achieve a long sought after accomplishment (whether I pass or not).

So, here is the plan. First, I will finish the online practice exam. Second, I will use the feedback from that to hone my areas of study. Third, I will consider the whole flash card thing (either making my own or purchasing some). Fourth, study, study, study. Fifth, I will enlist my many admirers and have them quiz me. Sixth, well … I am not sure yet – coming soon? Have you had to reschedule an exam that you studied hard for?

Lucky for us – that means more content for the blog! Just what you have been pining for 🙂

Confessions Of A Crafty Paralegal

I have some confessions to make. I am a busy person and wear many hats every day. Because of this I sometimes seem aloof and say random things. They make since in my head – I promise. I considered calling this post “Confessions of a Paralegal” or “Confessions of a … Well, Me”. Seeing as how I am a crafty paralegal that seemed more àpropos. I imagine that for many crafty individuals and/or paralegals in general can relate to some. If not, that is okay, I am comfortable being the only one. Read more

Saving Money – One Dollar At A Time

Saving money for my family is not a luxury – it is a necessity. Saving money in a savings account, well that is nearly impossible since the Husband went back to school. We are not great savers. Granted, when we have a goal we are great savers; but every day saving for a rainy day or retirement, not so much. So this year, I decided to try to put some more money aside. I have seen those wonderful weekly savings plans that can put over $3,000.00 into your savings in the course of one year. I have considered it – briefly. There is absolutely no way my family can put that much aside at this time, even though we should. Read more