Applicant Showdown

Application Tips
Application Tips

The office is hiring an associate, yay! The process had been a bit more difficult than anticipated, but I feel that we have leaned a lot – about ourselves and what we want in an attorney.

In about one and a half months,  we received about 15 applications. We received the great, the ehhh, and the bad. I thought it goes without saying, but it is essential to read the job description, requirements, and application process – prior to applying for a particular job. Some applicants showed that they clearly can (1) read; (2) follow direction; and (3) use common sense. Some applicants did not. Read more

Save Money When Spending It

Now I have mentioned before that money for us is limited. We still have to make purchases though so we have had to get creative. Bellow are a few of the ways we have saved money over the past few years.

One way we save is by using coupons. Coupons are time consuming and often do not return much benefit (unless you are an extreme couponer). But we still use them because a little savings is better than no savings. Read more