The Results Are In

After a month and a half of some weird limbo and well wishers asking when the results will be in like they ask pregnant women when her due date is, the results are finally in… And I did not pass all five sections – and that is alright! I passed four of the five and will retake the communications section in January. Is this an ideal situation, no of course not; however, it is better than I expected when I made my prediction in September. Now, I suppose I could call and dispute the results as it appears that there was a typo and that perhaps I did actually pass – I needed 59 to pass and got 56 but the results say I needed 56 and got 56. But that would be a waste of time and energy that I could use on studying. I want to pass on my merits, not a technicality. Read more

Guide for Buying for Coworkers

We spend a tremendous amount of time with our coworkers and finding them a unique and meaningful gift is just as important. Sometimes, though, it can be difficult to think of the perfect gift. That is where my guide comes in! You can check out my gift guide here to see some great (if I do say so myself) gifts for your family away from family – your coworkers!

A few weeks ago I had a gift guide posted on an amazing website that features exclusively American-made, hand-made items.

Since today is Small Business Saturday, it is the perfect day for you to check out and support small businesses! I am sure that you can find something wonderful for everyone on your list here.