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A blog about a mom who plays hard and works harder!

My name is Samantha. I am the queen of my household and rule over my four boys. Okay, really I have two boys (ages eight and three), a rottie, and my husband, but it very much is like having four boys. I considered naming the blog “The Science of Deduction” but that was already taken. Yes, I love the Sherlock Holmes shows/movies. From The Great Mouse Detective, to Sherlock (the BBC show), to Sherlock Holmes (with Robert Downey Jr. – sigh) and apologize in advance if I seem like a fangirl. There are others, like Sleeping Beauty, that I also am obsessed with and will try not to quote all the time.

Studying for the Certified Paralegal exam!
Studying for the Certified Paralegal exam!

I have been a paralegal for over 10 years and truly love my job. I am also fluent in Spanish and “touristy” in Italian. This year I passed the NALA Certified Paralegal exam. I am now working toward the “Advanced” designation as well. Wish me luck! Reading, sewing, crafting, party planning, IORG and shopping are all things that are held near and dear to me (aside from my boys). Oh, and coffee; I cannot live without coffee.

Crazy Hair - Don't Care!
Crazy Hair – Don’t Care!

Through this blog, I will share how I manage my household, how I get through the day without telling clients to bug off, and how I complete my various DIY projects. This blog is something that I have contemplated doing for many years. It is an expression of me, to allow me to live beyond the walls of my home and office, and contribute to society – even if just in a minor way.

Welcome! I hope to provide you with insight and/or entertainment. You comments are always appreciated. As Sherlock would say, “The game is on.”

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. To the Crafty Paralegal (a.k.a. Samantha),
    I am currently studying for the Certified Paralegal Exam. I don’t have the 4th Ed. of the Study/Review Manual. My question is in the Study/Review Manual, does the Judgment & Analytical Ability Section provide any Essay Questions to practice and if so, how many?
    Your help is greatly appreciated.
    Jeff Larit

    1. Hi Jeff! The 4th edition only had one example of the essay question for you to answer along with a sample response. The practice exam has two examples to review. Hope this helps!

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