Pen Pal Bloggers Mo. 2: Back-to-School

This month I was paired with the amazing Kimberley from Life As Me. Her honesty and sincerity are inspirational. Kimberley’s truly a beautiful woman. It is too bad that she lives all the way in Australia – I think she would be fun to spend the day with. Most people know of my obsession enjoyment of office/school supplies; so you can imagine that I was really looking forward to the theme this month – back-to-school. I was very excited to receive the package [it is not everyday that I receive international mail – it’s the little things…] and even more excited once I opened it!

My new supplies (toys)!
My new toys!

I received a great little reminder of Australia by way of a key chain and pencils. There were some regional chocolates which we immediately put in the freezer and my boy keeps asking to try one. I also received a day organizer pad (similar to one which I have eyed for some time now) and a cool set of post-its, binder clips, push pins, and paper clips in turquoise! I would take these supplies to the office if I was a better sharer – but I am not, I am selfish.

I was having a case of the Monday’s for sure and this package completely turned my day around. I truly hope that Kimberley enjoys her package as much as I enjoy mine.

Pen-pal Bloggers Mo. 1: Travel

I am fortunate to belong to a wonderful Facebook group of bloggers who do a monthly gift swap – pen-pals for the 21st century. In August the theme was travel and I was paired with newly wed Bethany over at Dandelion Pie.

Burt's Bees travel set!Bethany sent me an amazing travel set of Bert’s Bees lotions and face washes. I am so thankful and excited to use them that I am fairly certain they won’t see any traveling (except the lotion which will go where my purse goes).

This group is so amazing and supportive. Maybe this is amplified by my love of receiving mail. Really though, who does not like getting mail – you know, the kind where you do not have to send them money back?

I am looking forward to making more new friends and sharing them with you!

11 Questions Blogging Boost

I participated in a post from a fellow blogger Tanya who blogs over at Tanya’s 101. She answered 11 questions presented by a blogger and then tagged other bloggers, myself included, in the post and asked 11 questions for us to answer. Now I am doing the same.

  1. If you could go back in time and change one decision you’ve made, what would it be?
    • I honestly do not know. I am rather satisfied with my life and sincerely believe that all of my decisions, good or bad, have contributed to where I am now. 
  2. What do you wish you had more time for?
    • Crafting!! I will make sure that I get back into it once I am done studying for the Certified Paralegal exam. I have not sewn anything for myself (nothing more than sewing on a button) this year, nor have I completed the cross-stitch project I was working on. 
  3. What’s your guilty pleasure?
    • Sherlock Holmes. And not just the BBC show (although I have watched all the episodes twice). I love all things Sherlock Holmes: books, movies, shows, references, deductive reasoning. I also derive great pleasure from coffee. 
  4. What’s your favorite smell?
    • My favorite smells are peaches and things labeled Tahitian, paradise or tropical. Oh, and I really enjoy the smell of lavender. 
  5. Where do you want to be five years from now?
    • Five years from now, I would like to have the same job I have, but with a raise and my own office. I would like to will have the distinction of being a Certified Paralegal and would like to be more active in local paralegal associations. I would like to have a large social media and blog following, and a store (through the website and/or Etsy) where I sell handmade items.
  6. If they would make a movie of your life, who would have to play you?
    • Vivien Leigh (if she were alive) because she is so confident and beautiful. If I have to select someone who is living, I would have to go with Julianna Margulies or Sandra Bullock. 
  7. What would be your ultimate job?
    • Well, this is hard, I really do love my current job as a family law paralegal. If I won the lottery, I would still work – at least part-time. Yep, I have to go with family law paralegal.
  8. Which goal should definitely be on your bucket list?
    • Travelling to Europe (at least to Italy) and to Cuba. A trip to Italy is on our office To Do list. Is it still a vacation/bucket list item if you boss and co-workers are there? 
  9. What do you want to do for a long time, but you keep procrastinating?
    • Study?! Honestly, I have wanted to take the Certified Paralegal exam for years now and have finally gone forward with it. However, that being said, I have not been as diligent with studying as perhaps I should be. For instance, I could be studying, but instead, I am writing blog posts 🙂
  10. Which achievement are you proud of most?
    • I am not sure it counts as an achievement, but I am most proud of my boys. I am a bit of a workaholic but I do it all for my boys. When I see them achieve a milestone, receive an award, use their good manners, or help someone, I am very proud. It is my goal for them to be happy, religious, educated, contributing members of society and I love them dearly. 
  11. What would you name the autobiography of your life?
    • Veni Vidi Vici – the Story of Samantha’s Rise. Eh, it is kind of cheesy, but we will consider it a working title at this point. 

Now, here are my 11 questions for you to answer:

  1. What is your favorite recipe to cook/bake?
  2. Which country/state would you travel to if money were no issue?
  3. What article of clothing/apparel makes you feel most confident?
  4. Who is your favorite super hero and why?
  5. Who has been most inspirational to you?
  6. If you could have lunch with a historical person, who would you choose?
  7. What quote makes you feel most motivated?
  8. What is your favorite pass-time activity?
  9. If you could live in any decade, which would it be?
  10. What is your favorite color?
  11. What Disney character is your doppelgänger?

Go on over to, and to see their answers!