Where Have You Been?

I know!! Months have passed (almost a year!!) and you have received no new updates from me. I am sure you are wondering, “where have you been?” Well, busy.

I took a break after passing the test to be quite honest. I do not believe that I read or gave a second thought to anything legal (outside of the office of course) for a couple of months after. Rather, I focused instead on sewing (I made ties and a vest – kinda, more on that later), Husband’s end of year concerts, and planning our summer. It was the first summer in a few years that the Husband did not take summer classes so I packed in as much as I reasonably could. Then, mid-summer, our oldest son was in a car accident and we had to alter our plans a bit to accommodate his month-long concussion. He has a rad new scar but has not come around to being Harry Potter for Halloween.

Out of the multiple options available, I narrowed down the ACP classes I want to take to six. Considering there are like 24 options, six is a good compromise. I am hopeful to start this March but we will see how life goes. 🙂 I am interested in the following:

  1. Discovery
  2. C.A.S. Discovery
  3. Child Custody, Child Support, Visitation
  4. Division of Property and Spousal Support
  5. Dissolution Case Management
  6. Adoption and Assisted Reproduction

I did not completely slack off though. In September I attended the Beyond the Basics Family Law Bootcamp at Disneyland! It was a great experience and something that I would recommend to anyone, especially those new to family law.

During the summer I also took on another job, because who needs sleep?! So, not only am I a wife and mother, paralegal, crafter, blogger, and IORG advisory board member, I also sell LuLaRoe! (FYI – LuLaRoe is a clothing company that is sold by direct sales like Mary Kay/Pampered Chef/etc. but without catalogs. Search for me on Facebook and Instagram for more info! LuLaRoe Samantha Armijo) I love it and have tried ever since to find a good balance between it all. It is a work in progress and I am diligently working on finding balance. Some days I fail miserably and others are great. Mostly, I have been just getting by.

As you can see, I have been around, and sometimes spread a little too thin. Years in the legal field have prepared me well though and I am making an effort to be more present here.

I hope that all of you are well and have achieved the goals you set for yourself.

What I Learned from Taking NALA’s CP Exam

I have learned some important lessons throughout my life. There are few (if any) occasions that did not serve to teach me either about myself or something else. Taking the CP exam is no different.

I REALLY like lapel pins!
I REALLY like lapel pins!

Here are a few things that I have learned from taking NALA’s CP exam: Read more

Paralegals of the Future

Do you ever wonder about the future of the paralegal field? I know there are some out there who think paralegals are unnecessary and/or will soon be outmoded – but numbers do not lie! Here is a great infograph from Online-paralegal-programs.com with the numbers on the future of the profession.

Paralegals: The Future of the Profession
Source: Online-Paralegal-Programs.com


I am hopeful that the trend continues and jobs continue to grow in this profession. Personally, I love being a paralegal and am always glad to hear when others decide to enter the profession or expound upon their careers. I also agree with the pros and cons listed in the graph. This is not necessarily the profession to enter if you are looking for notoriety – we do not all get a movie of our lives like Erin Brockovich. However, it is very rewarding!

This is the future of paralegals and the future is bright!

Communications 2.0

On January 29th I took the Communications exam for the second, and hopefully last, time. It has taken me a month to decide on actually finishing and posting this because it is kind of personal. In the spirit of full disclosure, and to offer solidarity to my comrades who are now taking or are considering taking the CP Exam, I have made the leap. Should I not pass this time around, I believe I know which questions gave me the most trouble and will focus on studying those topics for attempt number three. I would fill you in on which questions/topics those are but NALA prohibits discussing the questions that appear on the exam. I would hate to inadvertently disclose too much and then lose the designation I have worked so hard for.  Read more