Embroidering: A Quick Start Guide

One of the traditions for state officers in CA IORG is for them to receive a quilt at the end of their year of service. It is always a pleasure to take part in this and last year was no exception. I waited to post this until (hopefully) well after the quilt was finished and gifted to ensure I did not spoil anything.

I am pretty boring, predictable, and make the same square when the opportunity arises. All the squares are then collected and made into a quilt. My hand lettering skills are sub-par (I cannot be good at everything) so I print out what I want the square to say and then trace over it.tracing

Design fully traced and ready to embroider.
Design fully traced and ready to embroider.

Once I have the entire square traced out the way I want it I embroider the design. My design is simple and I have a lot of experience with embroidering so it takes a matter of hours (if that) start to finish. Finished Quilt SquareAfter a quick pressing it was ready to put in the mail to the quilt maker.

Designing and embroidering anything can seem daunting. Here is a recap of how you can do them on the fly.

  1. Gather all of your supplies. Most likely you will need: fabric, needle, scissors, floss, pencil, design, hoop or frame.
  2. Print out a design you want to replicate (or draw by hand if you fancy like that).
  3. If you can back-stitch you can embroider. Fancier stitches like lazy daisy can be learned along the way – there are even YouTube videos. If you cannot back-stitch, head over to YouTube or leave a comment and I will help you out.
  4. Trace your design and get started! As with anything in life, the hardest part of any project is actually starting it. Once you take the plunge you will notice that your biggest obstacle is usually your own mind. (This is not to say you may not get frustrated or have set backs, simply that those can all be easily overcome.)
  5. Press it out. Once you have finished your project get out the iron and press it flat. Pressing it gives it a finished look.

Most of all, HAVE FUN! Let me know in the comments what project(s) you made or if you have any questions! Happy embroidering!!