Paralegals of the Future

Do you ever wonder about the future of the paralegal field? I know there are some out there who think paralegals are unnecessary and/or will soon be outmoded – but numbers do not lie! Here is a great infograph from with the numbers on the future of the profession.

Paralegals: The Future of the Profession


I am hopeful that the trend continues and jobs continue to grow in this profession. Personally, I love being a paralegal and am always glad to hear when others decide to enter the profession or expound upon their careers. I also agree with the pros and cons listed in the graph. This is not necessarily the profession to enter if you are looking for notoriety – we do not all get a movie of our lives like Erin Brockovich. However, it is very rewarding!

This is the future of paralegals and the future is bright!

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