What I Learned from Taking NALA’s CP Exam

I have learned some important lessons throughout my life. There are few (if any) occasions that did not serve to teach me either about myself or something else. Taking the CP exam is no different.

I REALLY like lapel pins!
I REALLY like lapel pins!

Here are a few things that I have learned from taking NALA’s CP exam: Read more

Communications 2.0

On January 29th I took the Communications exam for the second, and hopefully last, time. It has taken me a month to decide on actually finishing and posting this because it is kind of personal. In the spirit of full disclosure, and to offer solidarity to my comrades who are now taking or are considering taking the CP Exam, I have made the leap. Should I not pass this time around, I believe I know which questions gave me the most trouble and will focus on studying those topics for attempt number three. I would fill you in on which questions/topics those are but NALA prohibits discussing the questions that appear on the exam. I would hate to inadvertently disclose too much and then lose the designation I have worked so hard for.  Read more

New Year, New Something

Happy New Year! It is that time again, the holidays have come and gone and resolutions abound. Fitness equipment, workout clothes and athletic shoes are on sale; and everyone is pledging to be a better them. We are not immune from the excitement of the new year in our house either. I would be remiss if I did not admit to purchasing a treadmill and some new workout clothes. But I am not only about a new fitness routine. I have spent the last month (or so) studying for the Communications section of the Certified Paralegal exam as well as working on some side hustles.  Read more

The Results Are In

After a month and a half of some weird limbo and well wishers asking when the results will be in like they ask pregnant women when her due date is, the results are finally in… And I did not pass all five sections – and that is alright! I passed four of the five and will retake the communications section in January. Is this an ideal situation, no of course not; however, it is better than I expected when I made my prediction in September. Now, I suppose I could call and dispute the results as it appears that there was a typo and that perhaps I did actually pass – I needed 59 to pass and got 56 but the results say I needed 56 and got 56. But that would be a waste of time and energy that I could use on studying. I want to pass on my merits, not a technicality. Read more